Juried Invitational Art Exhibit

August 29 – September 22, 2017

This is the third year for the exhibit and was held in conjunction with the High Point Cycling Classic in downtown High Point. The exhibit includes 52 pieces by 42 artists and all of the art relates in some way to bicycles or cycling. The art was juried into the show by Scott Raynor (Professor of Art and Chair of Art and Graphic Design at High Point University). This exciting collection includes works in oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, mixed media, linocut prints, assemblages, and photography. In addition, there are a number of three dimensional works constructed from a variety of materials including recycled bicycle parts.

Congratulations to our winning artists! 1st Place goes to Margot Holloman for her painting “Mellow Yellow”, Acrylic, 16″ x 20″.


2nd Place goes to Jack Stratton’s “St. Albert’s Ride”, Watercolor on Paper, 9 1/2″ x 6 1/4″


3rd Place goes to Talia Lempert for “Thomas’ Bike Bars”, Oil on Canvas Covered Panel, 16″ x 12″


Honorable Mention for Amy Freeman’s “Cogswell’s Cogs”, Photograph, 24″ x 24″


Honorable Mention for Mike Dale’s “Peleton II”, Linocut Print, 20″ x 26″.


The Upstairs Gallery features an Exhibit of Vintage Italian and Golden Era of American Racing Bicycles from the personal collection of Dr. Chip Duckett MD, who has been deeply involved in cycling and collecting racing bicycles for over 35 years. While retired from racing, he continues to collect and restore vintage lightweight American and Italian racing bicycles……

“many times, the chase and the long process of the restoration of the bikes is much more enjoyable than owning them in the end. This is a fun chance to share a glimpse with others.”

The bikes shown include rare bikes from his Cinelli collection as well as rare examples of early Italian bikes such as Bianchi, Colnago, Gloria and Willier. Also on exhibit are American race bikes from the 1970s Golden Era of Cycling, and examples will include Exxon Graftec, Teledyne Titan, and “Jock” Boyers personal Confente which was used to win the 1980 Coors Classic and again in 1981 when he was the first American to race in the Tour de France.

The Kaleidoscope Gallery is hosting art work from the students who participated in all of TAG’s Summer Art Camps at TAG and the Boys and Girls Clubs of High Point. There are 86 pieces of art the students have proudly displayed to show their hard work this summer.

For more information about TAG, visit www.tagart.org or call the TAG office at 336-887-2137.



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