Meet Our Instructors

Creativity Meets Instruction

TAG is proud to tap into the exceptional talent in our community by working with a diverse group of instructors. With their wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion for the arts, they are dedicated to guiding and inspiring workshop and class participants of all levels and across all practices of their creative journey. 

Jessamyn Bailey

Primitive Photography, Mixed Media

Leigh Blanchard headshot
Leigh Blanchard

Painting, Pottery, Multimedia Design

Zulma Brooks

Acrylic + Mixed-Media Painting

Maxine Campbell
Maxine Campbell


Jennifer Donley

Mixed Media Art

Michaela Hafley

Education Director at The Art Gallery at Congdon Yards

Susan O'Leary
Eric Little

Life + Figure Drawing, Oil Painting

Hannah P. Litaker

Portraiture, The Human Figure

Susan O'Leary


AE Reed

Graphic Design, Drawing and Printmaking

Diane Shur

Drawing, Pottery